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Patents Published/ Granted


Sl. No. Details of Patent Date of Publishing Date of Grant
Hybrid Microgrid Synchronisation and De-synchronisation with Utility Grid and Diesel Generator --- 19/09/2022
A Three-Phase Three Wire Grid Interfaced Solar Photovoltaic System With Islanding & Synchronization Capabilities --- 21/12/2022
A SDN based security process for securing IoT enabled network against intrusion detection attack 6/9/2019 --
Management and security for IoT network using SDN technology 6/12/2019 --
A system for managing vehicle traffic using IoT, Image processing and big data 22/11/2019 --
IoT enabled smart wrist-pulse diagnosis based on Artificial Intelligence and Ayurveda Science for true health Monitoring (i_SWAASTH) 27/11/2020 --
ICS- Aerial vehicle: Intelligent aerial vehicle using camera, wireless communication module patrols above swimmers system. 18/12/2020 --
IoT enabled device to monitor the mosquito prone-areas based on the meteorological factors 19/2/2021 --
Protective relay for the cable fault in microgrid 26/2/2021 --
A two stage hybrid selective harmonic elimination method for adaptive DC bus eleven-level inverter 29/1/2021 --
Brain Tumor Classification Using Soft Computing (Application No. 202211006544A) 11/02/2022 --


Sl. No. Details of Patent Date of Publishing Date of Grant
Australia Patent Published on topic “Geographical data visualization and dimension reduction by unsupervised locally linear embedding (LLE) learning algorithm” 23/09/2020 21/10/2020
Australian patent published on topic “A collaborative mining network (CMN) to execute computationally intense mining tasks in mobile blockchain” 23/09/2020 21/10/2020
ISML- Stock Prices Predictor: Intelligent Stock Prices Predictor Using Machine Learning 9/11/2020 9/11/2020
Australian patent published on topic “Trusted and Secure configuration and validation of data for public IoT devices using blockchain technology” 3/12/2020 23/12/2020
Australian patent published on topic “Block chain based smart contract and microgrid energy management system using machine learning algorithm” 3/12/2020 23/12/2020

Patents Filed

Sl. No. Details of Patent Application Number Dated
Wind-Hydro Renewable Microgrid 201911034530 27/08/2019
REC Distribution Transformer Monitoring System 2018110001897 17/01/2018
A Novel Mutilevel (Nine-Level) Inverter Topology with Modularity Features 201711028998 16/08/2017

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