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Engineering &
Technology Society,

The only Society taking responsibility to organize all the major
and minor events in College of Technology Pantnagar.


The Engineering & Technology Society, Pantnagar strives in bringing out the hidden talent among scintillating students. It aims at bringing students across the country and host and extravaganza of culture, arts, and heritage. The various fests organized by the ETS aims at maximizing the inner ability of the students through various activities. The ETS has organized various national level events which enhance the personality of the students along with academics. It provides an exposure to students by creating ferocious competitive environment thereby acting as a motivation to excel in their areas of interest.

It brings me immense delight in welcoming you all on behalf of the College of Technology, Pantnagar to our youth national level festival Colosseum’24. It celebrates and hosts the unfurling of art and culture infused with blend of youthful excitement and enthusiasm. Colosseum’24 makes it possible to discover and unleash the hidden flair among agglomerate of students by participating and interconnecting. Colosseum has become a stage for the exhibition of brilliance of artistry and innovation.

Sarthak Tomar
Chairman, ETS


ETS is divided into 5 major bureaus Each member of ETS
belongs to a bureau of their choice. Each bureau conducts their
specific events under the large roof of ETS.

  • Alumni Cell
  • Cultural Bureau
  • Logistics Bureau
  • Sports Bureau
  • The SLB
  • Alumni Cell

    The Alumni Cell within the Engineering and Technology Society is an essential component that bridges the gap between the alma mater and its accomplished graduates. This dedicated cell functions... as a conduit for fostering lasting connections and collaborations between current students, faculty, and the esteemed alumni community. At the heart of the Alumni Cell's endeavors is "Samanvay-The Annual Alumni Meet". Traditionally held on the 15th of September each year.
    Samanvay is not merely a reunion; it's a dynamic platform where alumni from various batches converge to celebrate their collective journey, achievements, and the enduring bond they share with their alma mater. The event features interactive sessions, panel discussions, and workshops, creating a valuable space for alumni to share their diverse experiences and insights. These interactions often transcend professional boundaries, fostering mentorship opportunities and career guidance for current students. Beyond the intellectual exchange, Samanvay embraces a festive atmosphere with cultural programs, entertainment, and recreational activities. This blend of formal and informal engagements ensures a well-rounded experience, where alumni not only reconnect professionally but also relive the camaraderie of their academic years.
    The annual celebration of Samanvay is a testament to the Alumni Cell's commitment to nurturing a vibrant and supportive community. By organizing this significant event, the cell plays a pivotal role in preserving the legacy of the Engineering and Technology Society, inspiring current students to strive for excellence, and reinforcing the sense of pride associated with being part of this esteemed institution. Samanvay, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, stands as a symbol of the enduring spirit that unites the past, present, and future of the Engineering and Technology community.
    Final Year Members :
    Vidush Palaria- Vice Chairperson
    Imran Ansari- Treasurer
    Mohit Joshi- Webmaster
    Kartik Purohit
    Pranay Kumar
    Digvijay Singh Panwar
    Anchal Rani
    Anshika Mainali
    Kirti Pandey
    Divyanshi Joshi
    Vanshika Saini

    Third Year Members :
    Karan Batra
    Sanyam Rawat
    Kaushal Kabdwal
    Aman Sati
    Anany Joshi
    Swarnim Negi
    Archit Verma
    Aman Kumar
    Eshita Sharma
    Aditi Rawat
    Aditi Singh
    Ananya Jaiwal
    Uditi Joshi

    Cultural Bureau

    The Cultural Bureau, an integral component of the Engineering and Technology Society, serves as the vibrant hub for artistic expression and cultural enrichment. This dynamic entity within the society is dedicated to fostering a rich tapestry of creativity and diversity among the engineering and technology enthusiasts. At the heart of the Cultural Bureau's initiatives lies its flagship event, Acolade - The National Level Cultural Fest. Acolade is not merely a celebration of talent; it is a convergence of innovation, tradition, and contemporary expression. This major festival brings together students, artists, and cultural aficionados from across the nation to showcase their prowess in various domains such as music, dance, drama, literature, and visual arts. The Cultural Bureau's commitment extends beyond organizing Acolade; it actively promotes cultural awareness, collaboration, and skill development. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, the bureau aims to create a nurturing environment that empowers individuals to explore and embrace their cultural roots while embracing the cutting-edge advancements in engineering and technology.
    Final Year Members :
    Himanshu Gairola- Vice Chairperson
    Athar Abdullah- Treasurer
    Aditi Sharma- Secretary
    Kunal Tamta
    Harsh Vardhan
    Kunal Tiwari
    Aman Pal
    Shruti Arya
    Ishika Gupta
    Himani Pandey
    Mansi Panwar
    Third Year Members :
    Shubham Bhagat
    Priyanshu Rathor
    Akhil Singh
    Rajeev Ranjan
    Ajay Kumar
    Harshit Purohit
    Shivam Rawat
    Chaitanya Sah
    Taran Pradeep
    Shrestha Semwal
    Anjali Panwar
    Simran Andotra
    Sanju Kumari
    Divya Kimari
    Monal Gansela

    Logistics Bureau

    The Logistics Bureau is the backbone of the Engineering and Technology Society, overseeing the flawless execution of the major fest, "Colosseum - The National Level Tech Fest". This bureau plays a crucial role in ensuring precision and efficiency in every aspect of the event, from planning to execution.
    Colosseum is a grand celebration of technology, innovation, and creativity, serving as the flagship event for the Engineering and Technology Society. A notable highlight is "CORROBORE," the Celebrity Nite, bringing glamour to the tech-centric festivities with renowned personalities gracing the stage and creating memorable experiences.
    Beyond CORROBORE, Colosseum features other entertaining components such as "DE LECOLE" – the DJ Nite, and "DECEBIL" – the Band War. These segments provide a lively platform for students to showcase musical talents, adding a dynamic dimension to the fest and creating an engaging experience for participants.
    Colosseum goes beyond mere entertainment; it is a convergence of minds with a range of technical events challenging participants in engineering and technology domains, from coding competitions to robotics challenges. The fest serves as a playground for innovation and skill development.
    The Logistics Bureau ensures the seamless integration of these diverse elements. Their meticulous planning, coordination, and execution guarantee that Colosseum unfolds flawlessly, leaving a lasting impact on participants and enhancing the reputation of the Engineering and Technology Society.
    In essence, the Logistics Bureau transforms Colosseum into a powerhouse of talent, entertainment, and technical brilliance. As the unsung hero behind the scenes, it ensures that the National Level Tech Fest not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it a memorable event in the annals of engineering and technology celebrations.
    Final Year Members :
    Om Dhyani- Vice Chairperson
    Shantanu Kumar- Treasurer
    Bharti Thakur- Secretary
    Yatharth Pathak
    Shubham Nakoti
    Saket Raj
    Neelesh Singh
    Ayush Kapruwan
    Bhumika Devka
    Tanishka Mittal
    Sanchi Aneja
    Paridhi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta
    Third Year Members :
    Naman Kemani
    Harsh Aditya Sati
    Devesh Vaid
    Deepak Gautam
    Malay Joshi
    Satyam Chauhan
    Saurabh Singh Rawat
    Yashdeep Singh
    Anshul Dhariya
    Gaurav Dotiyal
    Ritesh Kandwal
    Ritika Deopa
    Ishita Bisht
    Shivani Agrawal
    Shufaiya Anjum
    Sheetal Uniyal

    Sports Bureau

    The Sports Bureau, an integral part of the vibrant Engineering and Technology Society at College of Technology, Pantnagar, is your gateway to a dynamic... world of unity, teamwork, and accomplishment. Here, we go beyond the ordinary, fostering an environment where students not only develop social skills but also cultivate a strong sense of unity while striving towards common goals.
    As a Discipline Committee, the Sports Bureau serves as the bridge between aspirations and achievements. We believe that discipline is the key to success, and our role extends beyond sports events to encompass all college activities. We're here to instill professionalism, ensuring a safe and motivating atmosphere that encourages students to excel in every endeavor.
    However, the Sports Bureau's influence doesn't stop there. At its core is the spirited driving force behind "Spardha - The National Level Sports Fest," a biennial extravaganza that unleashes the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Held once every two years, this mega event serves as a melting pot, bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to celebrate sportsmanship, showcase their talents on a national stage, and forge lasting bonds.

    In the hands of the Sports Bureau, students find themselves not just participants but active contributors to a culture that values unity, discipline, and excellence. As the Bureau continues to inspire, guide, and facilitate opportunities for growth, it remains an integral part of the College of Technology, Pantnagar, contributing to the holistic development of students in their academic journey. Final Year Members :
    Prince Saini- Vice Chairperson
    Harsh Batra- Treasurer
    Akash Kumar Saini- Secretary
    Utkarsh Dubey
    Vivek Saini
    Abhinav Joshi
    Inderjeet Singh
    Pranshul Rana
    Tushar Singh
    Dheeraj Rawal
    Ashish Gangwar
    Shashi Kant Singh
    Priyanka Pandey
    Shamli Mehta
    Rajnish Tiwari
    Priya Jinkwan
    Priyanka Tiwari
    Third Year Members :
    Anish Pandita
    Aryan Tyagi
    Rohit Sammal
    Harsh Kumar
    Harjeet Singh
    Prateek Yadav
    Harshit Kumar
    Gaurav Shekhar
    Yuvraj Singh
    Abhinav Saini
    Rohit Mehta
    Aakansha Joshi
    Shalu Rathour
    Kajal Kumari
    Payal Bisht

    The Science and Literary Bureau

    The Science and Literary Bureau (SLB) serves as the intellectual powerhouse within the Engineering and Technology Society (ETS), orchestrating the annual flagship event, "Litrosphere." This fest is harmonious blend of science, literature, and the pursuit of knowledge, making it a distinctive celebration that transcends the conventional boundaries of academic domains.
    Litrosphere, hosted by SLB, is a testament to the society's commitment to nurturing both the scientific and literary facets of its members. The fest is a vibrant confluence of quizzes, competitions, and interactive sessions designed to ignite the intellectual curiosity of participants. What sets Litrosphere apart is its unique combination of scientific rigor and literary finesse, providing a platform for students to showcase their multidimensional talents.
    The Science and Literary Bureau, with its meticulous planning and innovative approach, ensures that Litrosphere is not just an event but an intellectual journey. The fest goes beyond traditional boundaries, encouraging participants to explore the intersections of science and literature, fostering a holistic approach to knowledge acquisition. Final Year Members :
    Bhaskar Nautiyal- Vice Chairperson
    Raghav Bhatt- Treasurer
    Shristi Tiwari- Secretary
    Harsh Singh Rana
    Shivanshu Rawat
    Anukalp Srivastava
    Abhishek Negi
    Aditya Pushola
    Yash Arora
    Sonali Bisht
    Smriti Verma
    Ridhima Kohli
    Nidhika Chauhan
    Khushi Kashyap
    Devanshi Bhatt
    Third Year Members :
    Manu Tyagi
    Shivansh Pant
    Ayush Bahuguna
    Navodit Pant
    Surjan Singh Jony
    Udit Raj Singh
    Rahul Lodhi
    Krishnakant Nivesh
    Shaurya V.S. Karakoti
    Akshita Bhatt
    Bhavya Kushi
    Sakshi Kharakwal
    Radha Tripathi
    Kanika Pathak
    Sneha Pant
    Sanjana Verma
    Vidushi Gupta
    Sakshi Bhatt


    Clubs under ETS are

  • The Capture Crew
  • Music Club
  • The Capture Crew

    "The Capture Crew," a dynamic club operating under the Engineering and Technology Society (ETS), stands as the visual storytellers of our vibrant academic community. Comprising skilled photographers and enthusiasts, this club specializes in capturing the essence of various events organized by ETS.
    With an artistic eye and a passion for preserving memorable moments, The Capture Crew plays a pivotal role in documenting the rich tapestry of experiences within the Engineering and Technology Society. From academic seminars to exhilarating tech fests, the club is always on the scene, freezing moments in time through their lens.
    Their work extends beyond mere photography; it serves as a visual archive that not only encapsulates the energy and enthusiasm of our events but also chronicles the growth and evolution of our academic community. The images captured by The Capture Crew not only showcase the professionalism and dedication of ETS but also provide a visual narrative that resonates with the vibrant spirit of our institution.
    In essence, The Capture Crew is not just a photography club; it's a crucial element that adds depth and dimension to our collective journey. Through their lens, they immortalize the excitement, learning, and camaraderie that define the Engineering and Technology Society, contributing to the visual legacy that shapes our shared memories.
    Final Year Members :
    Kunal Tamta- Vice Chairperson
    Kartik Arya- Data Management and Social Media Head
    Nikita Gautam- Graphics and Photoshop Head
    Third Year Members :
    Devesh Vaid
    Harsh Kumar

    Music Club

    The Music Club, a harmonious enclave within the Engineering and Technology Society (ETS). Comprising talented musicians, vocalists, and music enthusiasts, this club is a melody in the symphony of our academic journey.
    Dedicated to fostering a love for music, the Music Club is the rhythmic pulse that adds vibrancy to the ETS experience. From soulful acoustic sessions to energetic jamming, the club creates an immersive musical environment that resonates across the campus.
    Open to all, the Music Club provides a creative outlet for aspiring artists to showcase their talents, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the musical tapestry of our college life. Whether it's organizing live performances, musical workshops, or participating in college events, the club is a stage where melodies come to life, fostering a sense of unity and artistic expression.
    In the ETS Music Club, the language of music becomes a universal bridge, connecting students from diverse backgrounds through shared rhythms and harmonies. It's not just about playing notes; it's about creating an auditory experience that becomes a memorable part of our college journey, embodying the essence of the ETS community.

    Final Year Members :
    Kunal Bisht- President
    Siddhant Mandoli- Vice President
    Anchal Siddharth- Logistics Head
    Manan Tiwari
    Kunal Tiwari
    Om Dhyani
    Siddharth Raturi
    Abhishek Kumar
    Sonu Kohli
    Mohd. Abbas
    Himani Kirola
    Priyanka Tiwari

    Events in Colo24'

    These are the events that will take place in Colosseum
    2024. Are you participatiing?



    This event will feature a photo scavenger hunt where participants will solve riddles and complete challenges to take photos of specific objects and places.



    A mock parliamentary session which invites the young politics and critics to take a stand, feel the problem and be part of the solution.


    Squid game

    Consists of 7 levels, impersonating the popular Squid Games show.


    Bulls eye

    3 events consist of darts, archery and rifle shooting.


    Struct o mania

    It's a chance to merge artistry with engineering, crafting bridges that not only stand the test of time but also inspire admiration.


    Junkyard wars

    In this event the participants have to showcase their creative thinking to convert the scrap or waste items to some type of working models.



    The event focusses on improving the critical thinking abilities, managerial skills and business perspective of an individual. This event is divided into three round


    Decibel: The Band War

    Band Show Competition



    Line Follower Bot Competition



    Website Designing Competition



    It's a theme based hunt you'll be divided into different themes In which you'll be provided with different clues from starting point to the end.



    A Premier Digital Art Creation Event


    Lord of Code

    Lord of Code is a fun technical event to look out for, focusing on solving interesting day-to-day real-life problems and building logical skills.


    Electro Quest

    ElectroQuest includes a technical quiz to select 20 students for a treasure hunt and circuit-building challenge. The fastest team to assemble all circuits wins.



    Locked in a room symbolizing a closed place the participants must work together to investigate and solve the puzzles that will allow them to escape in a limited time.



    From global brands to hidden gems, showcase your presence of mind as you decode logos from various industries.



    Featuring more than 10 popular games such as PUBG, Tekken, FIFA, and Valorant, it promises an exciting and competitive atmosphere for all gaming enthusiasts.



    An exhilarating challenge of assembling your own racing car to the heart-pounding thrill of tearing down the track, every twist and turn ignites the passion for victory.



    The Dance Competition



    The DJ Night


    Virtual Velocity

    Virtual Velocity is a fun event where you wear a VR headset to control an RC car, seeing what the car sees through its camera. The goal is to finish the track faster than everyone else to win.



    The Celebrity Night

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