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Ph.D. Student Details

S.N. Student Name ID Year of Admission Name of Advisor
1. Kanchan Matiyali 36490 I Sem, 2016-17 Dr. S.K. Goel
2. Hitesh Joshi 49704 II Sem, 2015-16 Dr. A.K. Swami
3. Jyoti Joshi 50922 I Sem, 2016-17 Dr. A.K. Swami
4. Divya Chauhan 52613 I Sem, 2017-18 Dr. S.K. Goel
5. Neha Bhatt 52614 I Sem, 2017-18 Dr. Sudha Arora
6. Harendra Pal Singh 52621 I Sem, 2017-18 Dr. A.K. Swami
7. Ritika Sondhi 52663 I Sem, 2017-18 Dr. Sudha Arora
8. Himanshu Maithani 54090 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. S.K. Goel
9. Monika Gairola 56474 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. A.K. Swami

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