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Head FMP Engg.
Dr. Triveni Prasad Singh
Professor & Head
Department of Farm Machinery & Power Engineering

The department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering is one of the four departments of Agricultural Engineering Program and came into being in 1984 as a result of reorganization of Agricultural Engineering. The mandate of the department is to impart teaching at undergraduate and post graduate level, carry out need based research and technology transfer in the field of Agricultural Engineering, in general, and Farm Machinery and Power in particular. The department was established with the following vision and mission:


Farm technocrats support built up for mechanization, precision farming, resource conservation, energy base expansion to revolutionize farm productivity.


  • Farm technocrats support built-up by strengthening teaching base
  • Expanding farm power availability through hi-tech mechanization
  • Conservation of bio-resources for supplementation of farm energy needs
  • Equipping farmers and agricultural workers with state-of the-art farm technology
  • Since the inception, the department has produced 194 M.Tech. and 48 Ph.D. students besides B.Tech. students. Till date, the department has successfully concluded 24 research projects funded by various agencies including All India Coordinated Research Projects. Currently, two AICRP namely Energy in Agriculture and Agro–Based Industries (EAAI) and Mechanization of Animal Husbandry erstwhile Utilization of Animal Energy with Enhanced System Efficiency is operational in the department funded by ICAR, New Delhi. The department is also having “Implement Testing and Training Centre” approved by Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for testing and certifying agricultural machineries and equipment.

    The department has developed and commercialized several field worthy equipment/technologies including worldwide acclaimed “Pantnagar Zero-till ferti-seed drill”. Some of the other major technologies developed by the department are Axial flow multi-crop thresher, Soybean thresher, Pant spiked clod crusher, Multi-crop seed drill, Sugarcane interculture-cum-earthing equipment, Mango Guthali (stone) decorticator, Differential speed expanding pitch fruits and vegetable grader, Tomato seed extractor, Okra thresher, Pant adjustable yoke, Pant adjustable collar harness, Wheat thresher for hilly region, Multicrop thresher for hilly region etc.

    The department has published more than 355 research papers in various journals and has 10 awards to its credit. The department has also obtained 06 patents for its various technologies. There are 10 numbers of well-equipped laboratories in the department with latest gadgets some of which are listed below :

    i. Corrosion test apparatus ii. Reid vapour pressure test apparatus
    iii. Dry Abrasion Tester iv. Eddy current dynamometer
    v. Universal testing machine vi. Bomb calorimeter
    vii. Bio-oil pyrolysis set-up viii. Viscometer
    ix. Rotary vacuum evaporator x. Soxhlet extraction unit
    xi. Rectangular and circular soil bin xii. Smoke point apparatus

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