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M.Tech Student Details

S.N. Student Name ID Year of Admission Name of Advisor
1. Gokul Singh Ch 55320 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Sunil Singh
2. Praveen Kumar 55372 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Sunil Singh
3. Avinash Kumar Chauhan 55427 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Abhishek Yadav
4. Himanshu Joshi 55524 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Rajiv Singh
5. Himani Pant 55589 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Sudha Arora
6. Chandradeep Singh 55596 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Geeta Pathak
7. Viraj Singh 55618 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. Ravi Saxena
8. Vinita Sirala 55637 I Sem, 2019-20 Dr. S.K. Goel
9. Navneet Kr. Gupta 56518 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. A.K. Swami
10. Tannu 56603 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Sudha Arora
11. Harsh Dwivedi 56633 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. S.K. Goel
12. Rohit Tiwari 56656 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Ajay Srivastava
13. Garima Panwar 56975 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Ravi Saxena
14. Harsh Joshi 56978 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Abhishek Yadav
15. Kamal Pandey 56981 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Sunil Singh
16. Karan Sati 56985 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Shobhit Gupta
17. Kousar Jan 57014 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Geeta Pathak
18. Sanyogita Rani 57025 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. H.S. Rawat
19. Shivani Rawat 57309 I Sem, 2020-21 Dr. Rajiv Singh

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