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The branch chapter of electrical engineering, Electroglint, hosted a two-day event named “Roadies”, for the first and second-year undergraduate students of the College of Technology. The event took place on May 7th and 8th, 2022. The winner of the event was Ishika Gupta, 2nd-year student, and the runner-up was Lokesh Bohra, 1st-year student.

On the first day, participants were interviewed by final-year members of the Electroglint society, and 22 participants made it to the next round. Two wildcard entries were granted to students who showed exceptional performance in the screening round.

On the second day of the event, the participants were divided into groups of three members each, and they were required to compete as a team. The teams had to participate in three rounds of activities, and their performance was evaluated in each round to determine the winner. The activities included a treasure hunt, a puzzle-solving challenge, and a quiz competition, which tested the participants' mental agility, physical stamina, and teamwork.

The event aimed to provide a fun and engaging platform for the first-year students to interact with their peers and showcase their talents. The Roadies event was well- received by the participants, and it helped promote community-building and extracurricular involvement among the students.


On October 20, 2022, as part of the INDUCTION PROGRAM, the Department of Electrical Engineering will collaborate with Electroglint, the Branch Chapter of electrical engineering, to conduct an interactive session with the first-year students of Electrical Engineering. The aim of this session is to provide a welcoming environment for the new students and to assist them in getting accustomed to their new academic environment. The faculty members will offer guidance and good wishes to the students, and the first-year students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves. Furthermore, Electroglint will present various events and activities that the students can engage in throughout the academic year to encourage community-building and extracurricular participation. Additionally, Electroglint will explain the workings of the branch chapter to provide students with an idea of how it operates.


Qfiesta is a quiz competition organized by Electroglint- The Branch Chapter of Electrical Engineering. It was conducted in two stages, the first of which was held on 17 December, 2022 in 205 B, College of Technology in which 60 students participated. The participants were given an hour to solve a set of 30 questions covering different fields of general knowledge. A total of 12 students qualified for the final round which was held on 21 December,2022 in Conference Hall, College of Technology.

The final stage consisted of 5 rounds- Arts, Science, Audio-Visual, Rapid- Fire and Buzzer round. Both Round 1 and Round 2 were divided into 4 parts each- History, Geography, Civics, Literature and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology respectively. Each candidate was asked 4 questions, one from each subject in both the rounds. A total of 7 participants qualified for the further rounds. Round 3 was quite interesting as each contestant had to answer an audio as well as a visual question. In this round the participants also had a choice to put any of their questions at stake and earn double the points for that question if correctly answered and if not the same number of points were deducted. In Rapid Fire Round, each participant had a minute to answer 5 questions. The top three scorers qualified for the final leg of the competition. A neck and neck competition was witnessed in the keenly contested final round where each participant tried to be at his best. It consisted of 5 questions which had to be answered using the buzzer. Lokesh Pandey, 57272, 2nd year Electrical Engineering was the winner with Aditya Rana, 58897, 1st year Electrical Engineering and Mukul, 59355, 1st year Electrical Engineering as the 1st and 2nd runner ups respectively.

The event was a success and enlightened us with a plethora of knowledge. The audience also enjoyed themselves and displayed immense enthusiasm in answering the audience questions. The quiz competition ended on a high note with a vote of thanks followed by an address to the gathering by Dr. Anurag Kumar Swami, Head of Department of Electrical Engineering in the benign presence of the professors from the Department.

(L-R: Dr. Ajay Srivastava, Dr. Anurag Kumar Swami, Dr. Sudha Arora, Mukul, Lokesh Pandey, Aditya Rana)


On 17th December 2022, Electroglint, the branch chapter of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronika, the branch chapter of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at College of Technology, Pantnagar organized an event called “Innovision-The Innovative Idea Contest”.

The contest was open for all UG students of the Pantnagar University from any stream or college. Participants were either allowed to enter in the contest as an individual or as a team of maximum 3 members. The contest was about presenting ideas that could be practically implemented in real life and are of certain usage to mankind.

The event was held in the seminar room of the Electrical Engineering Department. The participants were requested to register through a link where they had to submit an abstract of about 200 words in pdf format. The participants were asked to present their ideas in a powerpoint presentation consisting of at least 10 slides excluding any banner. The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session, where judges and audiences asked questions related to the idea’s feasibility, sustainability and impact on society.

The competition was received with a great response from students across different departments. The ideas were to be presented on various themes- social sector, environmental sciences, life sciences, and engineering field.

The winner of the event was a team of third year electrical engineering students- Varija Pandey, Manan Tiwari, and Stuti Bahuguna. The runner-ups were also third year electrical engineering students.

The Innovision event was a great success providing a platform for students to showcase their innovative ideas. The competition provided students to think creatively and practically about solutions to real world day-to-day life problems. The presentations were of high quality and judges were impressed with the participants’ creativity, critical and analytical thinking skills. The event was a great learning experience for everyone involved.

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